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What is RMP Redcaps?

RMP Redcaps is an online community with membership comprised of serving and ex-members of the Royal Military Police.

RMP Redcaps has created a place where old comrades can make new friends and communicate in a permanent, secure location. We want members to build their personal relationships. We want to provide a place where members may speak their minds, tell of their joys and their fears, share their successes and seek help - all in the comfort of knowing that they are in a secure environment.

Unlike many other forums, the RMP Redcaps forums are commercially hosted and powered by licensed commercial software. For the privacy and security of members, RMP Redcaps forums are administered and maintained by an IT professional.

Member’s privacy and security are of vital importance to us as is the right of members to enjoy the forums without being distracted by advertising. Member’s details are never knowingly shared with others and there are no advertisements here.

This is a place where positive and ethical attitudes are appreciated and encouraged. This is a home-from-home that encourages members to understand that relationships work best when they are built on the basis of knowing and liking a person as a part of our family. The foundation of the Royal Military Police was built on this. We believe the members who join and continue to join feel this, like this, respect this and want this to continue.

Maintaining this ethos has been our focus, ensuring we constantly encourage best practices that are vital to everyone who invest their time and energy into our community.

Forums are the heart of the kinship and provide members with the ability to share knowledge, seek advice and generally contribute to the community in a positive and supportive manner.

All discussions should be respectful of member's cultures: polite and positive. We do not want the site to become sterile; we all need to have fun and be amused. However, it must never be reduced to having fun at anyone else's expense or by the use of foul words, criticism or public humiliation.

Any message that is created in this way, or any comments that result in this type of conduct will be removed. Members must never attack a person, a person’s business, political, and/or religious beliefs.

As an online community, Rmpredcaps is unusual in that the founders are very much involved. They are available through our messaging system for members to pass their thoughts direct to them, or any other member of the team. Any member who feels they have constructive criticism to offer is asked to contribute. Negative criticism in other areas is not permitted as this undermines the value of the network for other members and limits its growth for all.

We will share with you the decisions we take if we see any member choosing to display behaviour that does not correspond to our philosophy. If any member does not like this or feels that we are affecting their right to free speech, then it is possible that this community is not for them. Free speech is welcomed here but only in a positive and ethical manner.

Our members’ care about their reputation, they care about the community they reside in; bad behaviour towards others is not tolerated here in the same way that it should not be tolerated in the civilised world. We condemn graffiti, swearing, littering, cruelty and dishonesty in the offline world and therefore we do not want it in the online world.

Any member who does not share these values does not belong here. Any member who witnesses this or experiences this should use the option in the Complaints Link in the offender's profile. All subscribing members are able to register a complaint and all complaints are monitored.

In summation, Management and members of Rmpredcaps wish to promote, honour and foster the ethics and standards of the Royal Military Police from which our membership is derived.

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